Supporting Our Teachers

I'm proud to have the support of teachers in every BSD quadrant in this election.

My teachers taught me everything I know. They told me that my voice has power, and that everyone has a part to play in our democracy. Educators have advocated for students like me through thick and thin, and I believe that they deserve the same support they have shown me.

At a time when public education is under attack from extremists at the highest levels of state government, our district needs to stand up for our teachers' right to teach. I'm pro-union and pro-teacher, and I will support our educators at all costs on the school board.

Our teachers also deserve livable wages. They shouldn't have to spend their own money to buy school supplies for their classes. They should be able to afford a home in Boise and support their own children through college. That's why I collect signatures for the Quality Education Initiative and I support Proposition 1, which will equip our district with the funding we need to retain the best faculty and staff in the state.

My experience in Boise Schools has shown that what's best for teachers is best for students. On the Board, I won't back down in my support for our amazing educators