Shiva Rajbhandari

For Boise's Students

Race #4 (2-year term)


Polls are open from 8 am to 8 pm at all BSD high schools and junior highs. View the complete list of polling places here.

Absentee ballots may be requested through August 26. at

Hello, I'm Shiva: a student, a teammate, a community volunteer, and a tireless advocate for Boise's youth in and out of the classroom.

Boise Schools made me. My teachers taught me the power of knowledge. My coaches showed me that hard work pays off. My peers demonstrated that we can all rise together. I believe that students deserve a voice in their education, and that's why I'm honored to enter the race to be the first student on the Boise School District Board of Trustees.

It's time that our district listens to students. We deserve to have our input considered when making decisions on how to run our schools. We deserve action on issues that are important to today's youth such as climate change and the student mental health crisis. As a member of student government, as a club president, as a constituent of the Board of Trustees, I have listened to students' and parents' concerns. Now, I hope to have the opportunity to take action, and I have faith that we can find consensus around these issues.

Like everything students have ever achieved, I can't do this without my community. Whether you can chip-in a few bucks or knock on doors for a few hours, this campaign will be driven by people like you.

Stay tuned and hang loose, we've got work to do, Boise!

What Folks Are Saying

I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with Shiva Rajbhandari earlier this year and was impressed by his knowledge and maturity. I have seen those qualities in abundance during his campaign for a position on the Boise school board. He will being a unique perspective to that position, and I hope voters will give him a chance to serve. - Former Idaho Attorney General and Idaho Supreme Court Chief Justice Jim Jones

"Shiva is one of the most intelligent students I have ever worked with. His work ethic and passion for students' wellbeing makes him an excellent candidate for our school board. I will be refreshing to have someone who is in our schools serve our students and teachers." - Amber Tetrick, Boise High English teacher

I am quite impressed with Shiva's grassroots efforts to do some good for the school district. I’ve got two kids attending Mountain View Elementary and I too am worried about the attack on teachers from the extremists on the right. I’m very excited to see such enthusiasm and a good platform from a young candidate who has actually had recent experiences in what modern school life is. - Adam Wallace, Parent

"Shiva is the face of our young, politically-engaged activists who are already making a powerful impact in Idaho. I urge you to vote for him." - Lisa Sánchez, Boise City Council Member

Shiva's testimony at the statehouse has always been carefully researched, organized, and persuasive. He advocated against restrictive election laws at my House State Affairs Committee this year in a diplomatic yet firm way. I have seen him advocate for many issues, and he is an engaged, involved member of our community. I vote for Shiva because of his competence and the ideas he brings to the discussion. Even when I don't agree with him, he makes me think. That is good for government. - State Rep. John Gannon (District 17).

"Shiva has long impressed me as a natural leader who combines deep curiosity, high intellect, and the ability to bring people together to build consensus. I wholeheartedly support him as a school board member of the Boise School District." - Liz Bridges, retired social studies teacher at North Jr. High

"We often look at young folks as our 'future' leaders, ignoring the fact that they have something to contribute and teach adults in this important present moment. Shiva is not a 'future' leader. He is a current leader. He is an active participant in creating positive change, and I believe he's exactly the kind of curious and inclusive community builder our school system needs right now. I'm so proud to put my name behind Shiva, and I'm so excited to see the positive impact he'll create as a Boise school board member. - Jimmy Hallyburton , Boise City Council Member

Shiva will be a great representative for the student in the district. He is well spoken and always interested in hearing different view point. I’m excited to vote for Shiva and hope he gets a seat on the board. - Liz Hyatt Martin, North Jr. High Attendance Administrator

When I met Shiva, I was immediately impressed by his passion and knowledge of the issues facing our education system. I 100% support his candidacy, and I hope that you will too. - David Roth, Candidate for Idaho Governor