Shiva Rajbhandari

For Boise's Students

Race #4 (2-year term)


Polls are open from 8 am to 8 pm. More election information coming soon.

Hello, I'm Shiva: a student, a teammate, a community volunteer, and a tireless advocate for Boise's youth in and out of the classroom.

Boise Schools made me. My teachers taught me the power of knowledge. My coaches showed me that hard work pays off. My peers demonstrated that we can all rise together. I believe that students deserve a voice in their education, and that's why I'm honored to enter the race to be the first student on the Boise School District Board of Trustees.

It's time that our district listens to students. We deserve to have our input considered when making decisions on how to run our schools. We deserve action on issues that are important to today's youth such as climate change and the student mental health crisis. As a member of student government, as a club president, as a constituent of the Board of Trustees, I have listened to students' and parents' concerns. Now, I hope to have the opportunity to take action, and I have faith that we can find consensus around these issues.

Like everything students have ever achieved, I can't do this without my community. Whether you can chip-in a few bucks or knock on doors for a few hours, this campaign will be driven by people like you.

Stay tuned and hang loose, we've got work to do, Boise!